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Welcome to franz_daily.

This is a picture community and so any post that doesn't have a picture in will be deleted. It's fine to ask questions as long as you include a picture. They can even be off-topic questions - as long as there's a picture. You can even tell us all about your next door neighbour's sister-in-law's pregnancy as long as you put a picture of Franz Ferdinand (the band, rather than the Archduke of Austria-Hungary) or its members in there too. Icon posts are also okay, but if you have fewer than three icons, guess what? You need a regular picture too! Are you sensing a theme here?

Please please please don't hot-link pictures. It makes the baby Jesus cry :( More importantly, it uses up bandwidth and then my website falls over and dies and all the old Franz pictures disappear. We don't want that to happen, do we? If you need space to put pictures, www.photobucket.com is excellent and free. Please set up an account there rather than hot link. If you hot link, I'll have to remove your post.

If you're posting multiple pictures or a very large picture, then please put it under an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do one, then it's this code <*lj-cut text="What you want the cut to say"*> without the asterisks. LJ cuts are our friend.

If there are any problems on the community, I can be reached at manynames@livejournal.com.